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black coat (J.Crew), camel cocoon coat (J.Crew), vest (J.Crew just ordered this STRIPED NUMBER), khaki jacket (HM), red coat (Banana Republic, love THIS), leather jacket (unknown boutique in LEX), pink coat (J.Crew, love THIS MOTO or THIS)
Waking up to snow on the ground this morning had me inspired to do a little outerwear roundup post today.  Although the title seems very fitting, I battled with “Coat Check” or “Who is the little boy dressed in the pink coat in the last image?” Seriously, I blame my girlfriends for allowing me to hack my hair off a la the Biebs (Jenn, Lindsey, Susannah)!  Alas, I thought the latter to be a smidge inappropriate. 
 Onto the outerwear.  So for a Floridian suddenly transplanted to KY about 9 years ago, I think the only ‘coat’ I owned was either of the denim or trench family—pretty pitiful.  It has taken me some time to get my coat wardrobe up to snuff and I’m still working on it for sure.  So while, yes, coats are a bit of an investment, I’m here to tell you, you will absolutely get mileage out of them.  Case in point, my BLACK COAT I believe is going into its fifth winter and it still looks as good as new.  So I do suggest you fork over a little bit of dough for at least a black, gray, or camel coat.  As for the pops of color, we all know J.Crew has a killer coat selection, but not everyone wants to fork over 3-4 hundo and I get that for sure..I try to wait for the sales to get my coats because typically it’ll knock off about $100.  Don’t forget about the more wallet friendly versions from Gap or Zara.   Puffers (THIS PUFFER is still my all time fave and most wornVests are great outwear options, too, and are typically more wallet friendly (just layer ’em up with sweaters & scarves).  Ps:  anyone spot a good Leopard coat??  I know Asos made one last year and I can’t locate one with just the right spots for the life of me–HELP!!  Make it a good one, gang!
photos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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