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blazer (Aunt Morey’s 1970s blazer from Neiman Marcus), blouse (Loft see similar blouses HEREHERE), denim (Marc Allison), heels (Zara), bag (Burberry), shades (Ray Ban), bracelets (Sylvia Benson), watch (Cartier), rings (David Yurman, Anna Beck)
Gal had that 70s swag, that 80s pop your collar cool, and now she’s just as classic-with-a-twist as they come—she’s my Aunt Morey (or Mary Jane as everyone else knows her).  She sported yellow high top Converse entirely before their time and has the sickest collection of oxfords known to (wo)man–damnit if I don’t wear her shoe size!  So, needless to say, when I pit stopped in ATL on my way to & fro FLA–I was full court pressing her to get into her dang closet(s).  Oh and did I—we’re talking blazers for days (see above), an old school Calvin Klein navy blue striped one piece, oxfords that were my Aunt Beth’s (3rd sister) from Italy, silk blouses, vest dresses—I scored the dang vintage jackpot!  So gals–let this be a lesson—take advantage of those trips home and see if the ladies in your lives don’t have some hidden treasures buried in the backs of their closets.  Oh and ps, Morey, I’m coming for round two in March–brace yourself–I want that pink striped sweater and saddle bag!  Loves you, More! 
phtotos courtesy of Kristin Tatem

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