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Well cheers to the Holidays, gang!  I hope everyone had a most wonderful day with their crew yesterday and enjoyed lots of eats, prezzies, and quality time with their loved ones!  It was our first Christmas as a family and man oh man, it did not disappoint–one of my fave days for sure!  I won’t get into too much detail but I’ll share my highlight reel.  The PJs never came off.  There was deep fried French Toast.  A Gilmore Girls binge all snugged on the couch with the bunnies.  Chase’s face when she opened her Harry Potter collector’s edition.  And I overheard Cam telling my mom that this was the “Best. Day. Ever.”   It truly was the perfect day and I’m kinda sad it’s over with to be honest.  B U T the silver lining is….the SALES!!  Good grief, just when I thought my shopping would come to a screeching halt, they haaaaad to go and let these SALES loose.  And wouldn’t you know a gaggle of things I’ve already bought are now on sale….but this is good news for you, gang!  We’re talking my Northface, Faux Leather Jacket, and how great is this Buffalo Plaid Cape?!?  Needless to say, I think we’re gonna go round 2 with the whole relaxation mode and shop from home today!  And while my cozy Sweater isn’t on Sale (I love so much I snagged in Black, too), don’t fret because there’s a ton of goodies from Madewell at an additional 30% off!  Been on a major Madewell kick and can’t stop snagging their goodies…see Plaid, Knot Bracelet, and Sweater.  I need an intervention.  Yet again!

Alright, gang, here’s to hoping you’re still in relaxation mode.  It’s dreary here in the midwest, so we’re gonna stay in PJ mode today!  Linking up some of the sale goodness below….make it a wonderful one, gang!

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Cox

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  1. Oh my goodness you didn’t mention your hair! Shorter, blonder… Looks so good! Love that sweater too. Happy New Year!