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Alright, gang, we’re gonna do a little fall fashion shopping haul on today’s post and chat up some of my recent scores in preparation for fall as well as items I’ve got my eye on.  I’m breaking my fall fashion finds it down by category as these are the areas of interest I’m focusing on this season.  This year’s fall fashion refresher looks a touch different than year’s past as the ole’ bod will be in a postpartum state (read:  boatloads of ATHLEISURE) but these are still items I’d stock up on regardless!

Chunky Knits  No surprise here, but one of my absolute fave fall fashion things to load up on are CHUNKY KNITS.  They’re cozy, they pair wonderfully with jeans, they’re gonna hide the postpartum chub, and they’re just quintessentially fall.  I scooped up this one from Loft, this Turtleneck, and this Vest.

Statement Jackets.  There’s no better way to spruce up your current fall fashion and cool weather arsenal than by adding a fun Jacket.  Be it in the form of Fur, Puff (I just scored this one and am OBSESSED), Camo, or Embroidery…there’s a slew of fun toppers out there just waiting to upgrade our fall fashion.

Booties.  And while this is a no brainer, I wanted to add that I do think this is an area where we can invest a little more jingle.  Because booties ain’t going anywhere so we might as well snag a pair that will carry us through multiple seasons.  I have last year’s version of this Pair and still love them to death.  I also just snagged THESE which how lovely is the little fringy ruffle detailing?  This pair is perfect if you’d like to spare you wallet a tad!

Camo.  Be it in the form of a Jacket, Sneak, Tee, what have you—CAMO is everywhere and y’all know I’m thrilled about it.  Don’t shy away from the military trend but rather, treat it as a neutral and pair that bad boy with everything!

Athleisure.  This category is my jam as of late.  Whether it be these crazy cozy Sweats I’ve stocked up on, this Hoodie I just snaked, or Sweatshirts….you name it, I’ve been all over it.  Equal parts comfy and concealing, athleisure just gets the job done!

Sneaks.  Duh.

Shades.  This is one of the easiest (and most affordable) updates.  I’ve mentioned previously, but I’ve kind of fallen off the designer shade bandwagon because I’m not easy on my specs.  At all…they’re tossed about in handbags, the back seat of the car, the bunnies’ rooms…no use in breaking the bank anymore.  I just updated the fall fashion shades collection with These and These.

Fall Dresses.  Because what gal doesn’t love a good dress?  Just picked up this Plaid and this Floral number.  Can’t wait to wear slash fit into them!

Alright, gang, hope y’all found these little fall fashion tips useful!  We’ve got a jam packed agenda today with THREE count ’em THREE house meetings….and rounding ‘er out with sis’ Cross Country Meet…fingers crossed Mother Nature cooperates.  To that end, sending mad love to my Florida Friends and Fam as y’all pick up the (literal) pieces from Irma.  A huge thank you to all of you who checked in on my family…they are all A-ok and just waiting on power at my parent’s…very very fortunate indeed!  I’m looking for ways to contribute so if y’all know of any relief efforts, please do send my way!  seersuckerandsaddles(at)gmail(dot)com.  Make it a great one, gang!

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