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Ok, we’re gonna get right into the meat and potatoes of my hospital bag.  Sucker is already chilling in the trunk of my car race ready to go…although let’s be honest, I think this bundle is gonna cook ’til the very end!  We’ve got 7 days until my due date and I don’t anticipate meeting that boy anytime before then!  So these are the hospital bag essentials I’ve taken from both my trips to the hospital with the bunnies and added a few things from friends’ suggestions as well since it’s been a bit since my last rodeo.  Let’s hop right into it, shall we–unless noted, these are the EXACT hospital bag essentials in my bag ‘o tricks!  Oh one tip I read somewhere, use GALLON ziploc bags to segregate items…like my unmentionables are in one, baby’s clothes in another, etc….allows for easy access.

Hospital Bag Essentials for Pip

  1.  A Robe.  I would suggest getting one that is a darker color as you’ll find you’re more or less a leaky faucet throughout your stay!  This baby is BEYOND comfy and will be perfect after that first shower and to nurse.
  2. Nursing Bras.  I intend to labor in one of these as well as sport them through the duration of my stay.
  3. Hospital Gown (if you’re lame like me)—look, those hospital supplied ones obviously get the job done, but why not spruce it up a bit?  I L O V E this ONE…..there’s a slew of prints and the price point is spot on.
  4. Snuggy Socks.  My feet are A L W A Y S cold and while the hospital supplies these too, bring a pair if you have ones you love.
  5. Rubber Flip Flops.  Would you want your tootsies touching that hospital shower floor?  Nah, me neither.
  6. A towel.  To that end, I’d much rather use one that has an ounce of terry vs the glorified wash cloths the hospital provides.
  7. PJ’s.  Specifically nursing friendly jammies if you’re taking that route.  I can’t express my love of these enough!  I also snagged this Sleep Shirt if there’s a night two.
  8. A snuggy CARDI or HOODIE.  Again with the coldness of the hospital…I’m ALWAYS chilly so these babies will def get the job done.
  9. EAR BUDS.  I plan on listening to my meditation goodness while laboring so these wireless babies will be clutch.  Also, if you plan to breast feed, you’ll want free hands to answer what I’m sure will be a gaggle of congratulatory calls.
  11. A wireless speaker.  Again if I don’t want buds in my ears to listen to my jams slash meditation affirmations, this puppy will get the job done.
  12. Face/Shampoo Products/Toothbrush/Paste.  I still remember that first shower after having the girls.  It is GLORIOUS.  I want all my usual suspects to treat my mug, hair.
  13. Straightener and Hair Dryer.  My Photog will be at the hospital the day after Pip arrives to snag some shots of the bunnies with their brother so I’ll need to spruce it up a notch.
  14. A light face.  I’m not going to have A) Time or B) Energy to truly amp it up so just a little dose of the Flawless in Five will do the trick.
  15. LIP BALM.  I don’t recall chapped lips from the kids, but everyone else does so I’m taking a page out of their book.  Bring the BALM.
  16. NIP CREAM.  No time like the present to start treating the jugs.  If you’re a first time nurser, just know you’ve gotta break them in and then you’ll be golden!
  17. DEPENDS.  Yes the hospital will provide you with those mesh thangs…but rumor has it depends are the chicer postpartum undie!
  18. Nursing Pillow.  I’ve never used this one but so many of you swore by it so I took the plunge!
  19. Blanket.  This is John’s snuggy and he’s letting me snag ‘er for my stay.
  20. Outift for mom on the way home.  I’ve got these JOGGERS and aforementioned CARDI for the trip home.
  21. Speaking of Johnny, I plan to labor a bit in the tub so I’ve got some swim trunks and flops for him, too, as well as a change of clothes.  That kid has some major massaging to do!
  22. Baby Clothes/Onesies/Gowns.  Baby Blankies/Socks/Hats.  Baby Nail Files (their nails are SHARP but I’m not comfy trimming for a week or so but I’ll file…and I remember it drove me bonkers when the gals scratched their faces).  Aquaphor (I put on their cheeks so their nails didn’t get any traction).
  23. IF you have a Birth Preference List, print up a few copies of it for the nurses, etc.  I chose to do a “Color By Numbers” style list to (hopefully) make it easy breezy for the staff.
  24. Peeps say CANDY CANDY CANDY…and considering my path to delivery thus far #sweettooth, that sounds amazing so I’ve got a little of this and that in tow.

Ok, several random housekeeping items.  Have the hubs/significant other/family install the CARSEAT while you’re in the hospital.  Get a game plan for your other kiddos if you have any.  I’ve got some fabulous friends on reserve ready to snag the gals should I go into labor while they’re in school.  Share any contacts with hubs, family, friends…..Johnny has a short list of peeps he needs to inform when I go into labor.  To that end, Nonnie (my mom) likes it old school and I’ve TYPED up all numbers she may need as well as directions to kids’ schools, Target, etc.  And lastly, take these final days for Y O U.  Last Friday I did a little Pure Barre, Prenatal Massage, and Pedicure.  It won’t be about you here before long so take some time to make it about yourself—get your hair did, brows waxed, nails done, nap…whatever tickles your fancy… my fellow bumpers, I wish you all the best–it’s been such a joy to have a supportive bunch along for this amazing ride!  We’re about to embark on one of the B E S T days of our lives—sending you immense amounts of positive labor and delivery vibes…we’ve got this, gang—I truly cannot W A I T to meet you Baby Pip!

What about you? What are your hospital bag essentials? Did I miss anything out? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Don’t judge me by my email…it’s the first one I got,functional,and flipping ages me! I am an ICU nurse,mother of 4 married to a doc…get a zip up robe, anything with a belt will have people asking you when you are due.

    1. what’s hilarious is i S T I L L use my aol account…and i’m mortified every time I give it out but I’ve had since college and just can’t quit it! Great tip…thank you so much, Rhoda! x–B

  2. Next…no one knows this baby better than you…ignore the masses and listen to yourself….only, listen to me about the rove!!!🙄😉