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I’m a firm believer in the more organized and minimized your closet is, the easier it is to toss on a look in the morning. Closet chaos is the enemy of a fuss free morning. How about you let me do what I ‘oddly’ love and come get your closet in tip top shape. We will go through each article of clothing, all the while editing, purging, organizing and creating looks for your lifestyle. We’ll also create a wish list for items to incorporate into your arsenal moving forward. It may quite possibly be my fave thing to do!

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That event you’ve dreaded finding a look for. The girls’ getaway weekend you have no clue what to pack. The seasonal shift is here and how in the sam hell do I update my wardrobe? Gals & Gents, rest assured this is my forte and there is NOTHING I love more than shopping (well a few things, but this one pretty much tops the list). We’ll chat about where you’re headed, what you’re planning on doing, and how you wanna feel and hit the shopping circuit. It’ll be a good one, indeed!



 Family Photos, Senior Portraits, or even a little Commercial Event in your future? I love nothing more than creating a vibe for a special occasion. I will help ensure your special event is styled just so![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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    “I have recommended Beth’s Closet Cleanse to so many friends. In just 3 hours, we made it through my entire closet. We eliminated items I hadn’t worn in years, discovered hidden pieces amongst all the clutter, and learned to ways to “outfit” the clothing I already owned. Now, when I walk into my edited closet, it takes a fraction (literally) of the time to get dressed as I can see what I have and know what to pair it with. As a health coach who recommends the occasional food “cleanse,” I can tell you this is a closet “cleanse” that every woman should do to eliminate clutter and build efficiency to your morning routine. Less is Definitely More.” Beth Kronenberg, Lexington, KY

    “After having three kids (and retiring to be a stay at home mom), my closet was a mess of unworn, outdated, ill fitting clothing. I literally tried on every item I own for Beth. She gave a decisive, “it must go” or “this is timeless,” which is exactly what I needed! She found some diamonds in the rough and how to pair them for an updated look. She also organized everything while we were going, so by the time we
    were done, my closet was SPOTLESS!” Caroline VanMeter Friesen, Lexington, KY

    “Prior to Beth cleansing my closet, I literally felt like I had no clothing and was pretty much tired of looking at my closet. She literally was able to create so many new looks be it for photo shoots, school functions, or even the occasional date night with my current wardrobe. I would have never thought to put the outfits together that Beth did. As a working mother of three who deals with clients on a daily basis, being able to throw on a look (quickly) that is both functional and presentable is invaluable and very necessary. Beth was easily able to streamline and edit my closet to maximize its efficiency for my lifestyle.” Kristin Tatem, Lexington, KY[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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    1. Beth – I recently discovered your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm wondering about your hair-styling routine? I love your "tousled / I spent no time on it but I still look fabulous" look. 🙂 Thanks – Tiffany