The Virtual Closet Course



Show me a gal who hasn’t asked, “What am I Gonna Wear Today,” and I’ll show you well–they must be a nudist.  “I have nothing to wear,” or “I can’t find my Black Blazer,” are two other statements I’d like to strike from the Closet Complaint Department as well.  I get it, gang, life is crazy hectic in a beautifully messy kind of way and the last thing we need to be worrying about during the hustle and bustle of our mornings is our CLOTHING.  Can I get an A M E N?  

Like me, I’m sure you’ve tried just revamping the whole situation.  Maybe dropping a few hundo on just “STUFF” only to watch said STUFF disappear into the chaos.   Or maybe you reorganize the current cluster but are you really honest with what should stay or hit the road?  Either way, I truly know the feeling of overwhelming anxiousness when stepping into an unhappy closet but let’s not fret, gang, because I’ve gotcha covered.  We’re gonna put YOU and YOUR closet through a majorly fun  therapy sesh and y’all are gonna be brighter, bubblier, and ready to tackle your day like a boss.  

Because, gals, remember this…..your family, profession, and friendships are only as good as you are.  If you aren’t feeling the vibe of YOU then who else will?  Sounds harsh, but ‘tis true.   Some would say spending money getting their closets up to speed is a luxury but dare I say it’s a necessity?  

I’m a firm believer that what us gals project is what we get in return.  Let us not project that tired old sweater and tattered pants that we just tossed on but rather that polished blazer, tucked in blouse, sleek leopard loafers, and ever so perfectly tailored denim.  That’s the kind of mojo I want coming back my way…three fold.  

My Virtual Closet Course is no doubt the solution to our closets’ challenges.  I’ll share tips on the best way to get your closet organized, what key items EVERY closet should own, AND, here’s the really fun part….we’ll chat up HOW to create outfits with the pieces plus some fun extras like defining your style!  This is my true passion, gang.  Seeing My Clients flourish and exude confidence after a Closet Cleanse is like the icing on a most fashionable cake. And I can promise you this, gang, YOU are worth the investment.  If y’all are ready to make your mornings entire life smoother and look effortlessly amazing while doing so, click the SIGN UP Button below and for just $99, I’ll getcha there!  Make it a great and stylish one!

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